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Since then, in accordance with EU rules on the referral of “prejudice decision” to the Court of Justice, the Irish data protection monitor must “… Examine Mr. Schrems` case “with the utmost care” and … decide whether … the transmission of the personal data of European subscribers to Facebook to the United States should be suspended.” [1] EU regulators have stated that if the ECJ and the US do not negotiate a new system within three months, companies could face complaints from European data protection authorities. On October 29, 2015, a new “Safe Harbour 2.0” agreement appeared to be close to being concluded. [24] However, CommissionerJourova expects the United States to act next. [25] American NGOs quickly expanded the importance of the decision. [26] The European Court of Justice invalidates the 2000 data protection agreement with the United States, but will it prevent Facebook from transferring your data from the EU to the US? If the U.S. tries to derail a new safe ports agreement, it is U.S. companies that want to expand beyond U.S. borders that are likely to be affected. European companies could also see limited access to advanced cloud services, although moving to data centres in Europe will help ease the situation.

Safe Harbor rules are part of tax legislation in India, under which multinational companies reporting certain operating-related minimum profits are not subject to strict transfer pricing controls. [5] The rules were adopted in June 2017 to amend the previous notification from 2013. Current Safe Harbor rules reduce the minimum operating profits reported by software and ITeS development companies to 17-18%, in order to avoid an audit, based on the previous year`s revenue. For KPO companies, the price of safe ports is set at 18-24%. [6] These rates apply for the 2017-18 to 2019-20 evaluation years. There is an example of a Safe Harbor decision on the European Data Protection Directive. The directive establishes a relatively strict protection of the privacy of EU citizens. It prohibits European companies from transferring personal data to foreign jurisdictions with weaker data protection laws. Five years later, a decision created exceptions in which foreign data recipients voluntarily agreed to comply with EU standards under the International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles. In October 2015, the EU-US Safe Harbor Agreement was cancelled following a decision by the European Court of Justice because the United States does not offer an equally adequate level of protection against monitoring the data transferred there.


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