Traduzione In Italiano Di Agreement

7 (adapt) do well, use, confarsi (with a): the climate does not correspond to it, the climate is not useful to it; Do not digest garlic with it. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Other 1 agree, agree (with con): I fully agree with you; The 100% vote agrees. Okay, note, you agree: all the details agree on all the details. 2 (to reach an agreement), to be agreed (on, above, above). 6 (to match) Match (with a), vote (with): its version does not match my version does not correspond to mine. 3 (to understand) agree: We do not always agree that we do not always agree. Results: 79421. Exactly: 79421. Response time: 372 ms. 4 (for approval) approval (a), accept (qcs.) (qcs.) Do you agree with my proposal? Approval of my proposal? ..


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