Looks like I have to have the agreements rewritten and accept the deposit document (I didn`t know, but I registered the funds the day their lawyer`s letter landed! It`s quite common for landlords to push you to sign a new temporary lease at this point. But some will continue to rent regularly. Suffice it to say that I partnered with one of the other tenants and we decided to reunite our own apartment. We told him we were doing it, and he really apologized and admitted that he wasn`t the easiest person to live with. I said I didn`t want to pay my last monthly rent and that he could take the money from my deposit (which turns out to be more than the monthly rent). He said it wasn`t possible, because he couldn`t access the money right away! (Well, where is the eff es Mate!?) I have tenants who have succeeded in their short-term lease and who are really month after month, I began to have difficulties with them, where the boiler needs to be repaired, they refuse to talk directly with the plumbers, so we can agree on a time that suits them, so where I arrange it, They say that the weather is not good and that I have to reorganize. They become extremely rude and deny access…


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