HMM is associated with the 2M Alliance for a period of three years in 2017. In this way, slots can be exchanged and overcapacity can be exchanged jointly or commercially. A ship-sharing agreement is slightly different from that of an alliance, since a ship-sharing agreement is usually devoted to a specific trade route, with conditions specific to that route, while an alliance is global in nature and may encompass many different trade routes, normally applicable under the same conditions. A ship-sharing agreement is usually concluded between different container shipping companies that agree to operate a regular service along a given route with a number of ships. I would be happy to have more information about this: 1. Is VSA the same as Slot Charter? 2. What are the financial agreements between different companies operating under a VSA? 3. VSA is when the airlines of a consortium share their slots according to the capacity that each has contributed. If one of the members of the consortium wants more than his contribution, he can buy additional slot machines. vsa and Slot Charter. Who organizes it, the headquarters of Liner or Liner Agent somewhere in the world? Slot Charter Agreement (SCA) is a contract between two partners/shipping companies that buy and sell a number of slots for a certain period of time in order to extend coverage. Hapag-Lloyd, for example, according to Shipping and Freight Resource, is a slot charterer on MSC service from South Africa to Europe, although they have their own ships and services on that route….


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