All service contracts should clearly indicate the duration of the contract (when the contract starts and when it expires). It seems obvious, but it is one of the most important contractual conditions that can easily be overlooked. This clause is necessary because it clearly indicates when the treaty will enter into force. While it seems pretty simple to forget to include an explicit provision defining the actual duration of the contract, you could be in dispute on the subject. 4.1 Professional Services. You may enter into a contract with us to provide professional services. The specific details of the professional services to be performed are defined by project and the details of each project are described in the service contract. Unless otherwise stated in the respective service order, all unused parts of the Professional Services and Training expire and cannot be transferred after 12 months from the effective date of the order form.4.2 Changes to Professional Services. You may reasonably require in writing that changes be made to the professional services defined in a service contract. If your requested revisions significantly increase the scope of the professional services or the effort required to provide the professional services as part of the service order, we will submit a written offer to you that reflects our appropriate determination of the revised professional services, delivery plan and payment plan, if any, applicable to the requested revisions. If you accept the proposal, the parties modify the order form. Otherwise, the existing order form will remain fully in effect and effective, and we are not obliged to respond to the corresponding change requests.4.3 Technical support. We provide you with the appropriate technical support services for the version of the service to which you subscribe, as long as you pay the subscription fee (if any).

You are responsible for providing support to approved third parties.4.4 Your responsibilities. You provide the support, cooperation, information, equipment, data, working environment and resources reasonably necessary for us to provide the professional services and technical support services. You acknowledge that our ability to provide professional services as described in the service order and technical support may be compromised if you fail to comply with your obligations above.4.5 Feedback and other content. The Service may allow you, your affiliates, authorized users, and authorized third parties to provide feedback, contributions, and feedback about the user community, technical support information, suggestions, improvement requests, recommendations, and messages regarding the use and operation of the Service. . . .


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