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In determining the questions “Can you be separated and live in the same house,” a court may consider the existence of a sexual relationship in combination with other factors. As the name suggests, an experimental separation usually involves living in separate dwellings. So, like doing a trial separation while living in the same house? Whether for financial or family reasons, sometimes you don`t always have the opportunity to leave your common home. Drug and alcohol addictions can also raise suspicion in a relationship and lead couples to live separately in the same home. Substance abuse promotes the following things that can marginalize your relationship: if you find out that you are sleeping in the same bed or that you spend your nights together, enjoy it. There is no need to question every aspect of your interactions. If you want to stay together, it`ll be obvious. You may be separated by living in the same house for a few days or weeks after the separation date, or for several months or more. Structure is especially important when they have the two children together.

Take the time to discuss whether you are going to make decisions as separated parents or as a single front for a trial separation with children. The separation of the trial means that two parties have decided to take a break from their relationship and use their time to decide whether they want to continue working in the relationship. While many couples are emotionally separated during this period, this does not mean that they have to separate physically. Experimental separations often occur in the same home, especially when young children are present. The question is: can you be separated, but still live under the same roof? To decide this, the courts will consider the particular circumstances. In general, a separate life – even if you share the same house – combined with the intention to end the marriage is enough to discover that they have lived separated and separated from you. If you decide to live in the same house with your next ex, you will face a unique set of challenges that people who physically separate do not have to face. It`s important to keep your North York divorce lawyer informed. If your situation changes, your lawyer can help you make the right decisions at the right time. Have you and your spouse decided to get a divorce, but still live in the same house? There may be compelling reasons for this – you can`t afford separate places, you want to maintain a stable family situation for your children, proximity to your workplace, etc. Although Ontario`s divorce law states that couples must live “separated and separated,” this does not necessarily mean that you have to live in different homes.

When your relationship is over, but you stay in the same house as your spouse for some reason (i.e. children, finances, etc.), you can still be considered “separated and separated.” The important thing is to stop behaving like a married couple. Answer: Yes, you may be separated from your spouse, but both live in the same house.


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