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Priority is used to assign priority levels to the agreement, i.e. a high, medium and low priority. This allows one agreement to be prioritized over another. Before an agreement can be balanced, the system asks you to update the status of the agreement on the basis of configuration B (open to billing). This ensures that you do not or accidentally reach an agreement. You can set the option in batch mode via the SAP menu path – Logistics – Distribution and Distribution – Compensation – Discount – Compensation of discounts [VB (7]. The discount criteria (customer, customer and equipment, etc.) Manual limits can be used in each type of contract if the chord type configuration allows. Over most years, manual limits are used in agreements independent of sales volume. The agreed payment can be accumulated in advance and then reduced with each payment.

Audit Levels This field controls the detail to be displayed in the report when you review discount bills for a discount contract. You can, for example. B display each document separately or display sums of money using pool criteria such as sales participants, payers, materials, etc. The SAP discount agreement creates a transparent mechanism instead of having larger discounts for larger customers and vice versa. The Bundling Code is used in government pricing applications to aggregate existing contracts or agreements to calculate and determine the best price. Can only be manually modified on the original input screen if a chord is created. Note that attribute testing is done at the model level and not at the agreement level. To view the updated discount limits in the discount agreement, select the conditionality rate managed in the agreement and select the “Payment Data” symbol. The release state contains the exit state that was recorded in the header of the contract requirement. The distribution agency must be relevant to the processing of rebates. A fund can be distributed among the different areas that apply to one or more agreements, i.e.

the fund as a whole could be allocated on the basis of geographical sites such as regions or states. The territories/territory section extends into the actual areas that concern the fund concerned when a fund is monitored by territory. The next screen is the preview screen of the discount agreement. You can provide all the information about a discount agreement here. A beneficiary of the rebate is a debtor who must receive the rebate and whose sales will be tracked for the processing of the rebates. The validity period represents the validity of the discount and the level of verification is the level at which you would verify a report on the volume of sales of this discount agreement. The SAP discount mode configuration offers standard BO01 to BO06 pastry types for use with discounts. The attitude that distinguishes the types of reduction conditions from other types of prices is the packing class. For discount types, the packing class is C. For these conditions, fewer fields must be filled. This value in the condition class ensures that the discount mode cannot be processed by any of the price reservations such as VK11 and VK12. price conditions, access sequences and condition tables used in discounts.

If a discount contract number is removed, a discount credit is automatically created for final compensation, and the status of the agreement changes to C.


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