When ratifying or joining an international agreement of ecological importance, the Commonwealth will consider, on a case-by-case basis, the standard declaration of the federal declaration on ratification, accession, approval or acceptance. (f) a reference to an agreement or document in this agreement or document (and, if applicable, to one of its provisions) in the amended, renewed, completed or replaced or referenced agreement; and two. The Commonwealth will consult with states and do everything in its power to obtain approval for an indicative list of World Heritage sites. States agree to consult with relevant local authorities and interested groups (including conservation and industry groups) on real estate that will be on the indicative list before being submitted to the Commonwealth. If conservation or other groups or individuals make proposals for an indicative list directly to the Commonwealth, they are submitted for notice to the state concerned. (4) A general framework agreement on the management of the environmental impact assessment process is negotiated between the Commonwealth and the States to avoid duplication and to ensure that proposals for more than one of them are evaluated in accordance with agreed agreements. 5. The parties agree that prime ministers are ultimately responsible for intergovernmental considerations and final decisions on the national greenhouse gas response strategy. An agreement on the establishment of a national regulatory system for all heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes, consisting of uniform legislation managed by a single national regulator. Where the state`s interest is recognized in accordance with principles and procedures and the following provisions must not result in undue delays in negotiation, membership or implementation of international agreements: licensing agreement for the occupation of Commonwealth Park for the opportunity of Floriade and Floriade Nightfest [ PDF 1.5MB][ DOC 1010.5KB] Intergovernmental agreements that facilitate payments to states , and national agreements under the Interim Financial Relations Agreement are available website of the Federal Financial Relations Council. An agreement between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories establishing a national jurisdiction and a maritime safety regulator for all merchant vessels in Australian waters. 3. The Commonwealth will consult with the state or states concerned and will do everything in its power to obtain their approval and appointments on the World Heritage List. For more information on other intergovernmental agreements, see below. States have an interest in developing Australia`s position on the international agreements of environmental importance (bilateral or multilateral) envisaged, which may affect the exercise of their powers. 10. The Commonwealth and the States agree that, where possible, there will be consultations and agreement on the date of the Australian Heritage and State Commission`s assessment procedures. When adopting standards, guidelines or targets, the Authority will examine the most effective way to achieve the required national environmental outcomes. The Authority will also take into account existing intergovernmental mechanisms with regard to these measures. 4.4 Unless the timetables are otherwise, existing intergovernmental rules will be the main mechanisms for cooperative implementation of the provisions of the agreement. The parties recognize that the Commonwealth is responsible for negotiating and concluding international environmental agreements.

The Commonwealth agrees to assume this responsibility in light of this agreement and the principles and procedures agreed from time to time for commonwealth and state consultation on treaties.


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