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Surplus in trade in services in 2014, the latest year for which services data by type are available: mainly due to trade in travel services, Abdul Kadir Jailani, Indonesia`s envoy to Canada, said the new cooperation had laid new foundations for increased trade between the two countries, or in the form of regional or bilateral free trade agreements. Use the drop-down menu to search for agreements by group of countries, by type of agreement, or by state. Or use the filter option to search for keywords. “In this case, the [general management] will encourage Indonesian exports that have faced many obstacles in recent years, including COVID-19, which has made companies more cautious in conducting trade partnership relationships,” Kazan said at a virtual press briefing on Tuesday. Merchandise trade data are based on customs duties; Data on trade in services and foreign direct investment are based on balance of payments data. Merchandise trade: Merchandise trade refers to trade in physical goods such as cars, wheat and iron ore. Diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Canada officially began when the two countries signed an agreement on October 9, 1952, to open diplomatic representations in their respective capitals. However, relations between the two countries began in 1948, when Indonesia fought in 1945 for international recognition for its independence from its former colonial power. [3] Through General Andrew McNaughton, President of the United Nations Security Council, Canada succeeded in breaking the deadlock in negotiations on the solution of the conflict between Indonesia and the Netherlands, which resulted in the adoption of Resolution 67/1949, which approved the creation of a round table between the Netherlands and Indonesia. Tripartite negotiations culminated in December 1949 in the international recognition of Indonesia`s sovereignty. [4] The Library of Parliament`s Trade and Investment Series contains information on Canada`s trade and investment relations with the world and selected countries.

It also describes the trade relations of each of Canada`s 10 provinces and three territories with the world. In addition, Canada`s trade relationship with each of the 50 United States is presented. .


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